About Myself

I am a Chicago based Graphic Designer currently working in-house for a packaging company. As a designer when I take on a new project or challenge I immediately get excited to dive in and see how I can solve it with a design solution. It is so fulfilling to see a project through from start to finish! I have a constant intrigue to learn new skills and explore my creativity, it has become who I am and I believe the most important part of design is the ability to connect people and start a conversation. So let’s talk!





I have the ability to identify a brands core values. Leading to a strong understanding on how to create designs to ensure longevity.

Communication & Planning

I pride myself in having strong skills to ensure I can fully hear a problem and come up with a design solution.

Creative Eye

I have an impeccable creative eye for layout design, compositions, color, typography, photo editing, illustrations and more.

Technical Skillset

I have a strong skillset of Adobe Creative Cloud programs. As well as printing guidelines, web guidelines and user interface design.


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